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An Ambitious Hope: Ruby

Name: Ruby Merrigan

Age: 16-18

Nationality: Vorgravian

Abilities: Mage. Strongest in Healing magic

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue


  • Garret (father)

  • Emerald (mother)

  • Shyla (younger sister)

Ruby lived all her life in Oldwyn, a village tucked away in the Vorgravian woods. She was perfectly happy with her life as the daughter of two bakers - but then she developed magic powers.

She went to Naeron Academy, to hone her magic and train hard until graduation at the age of eighteen - and she was overjoyed when her younger sister, Shyla, also developed magic and went to the same Academy.

Although she knew there were monsters living in Vorgravia, Ruby never encountered one herself, and nor did she want to. As a Healer, she wasn't expecting an adventurous life - just one of service and using her magic for good.

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