The Books


Four girls live in the same world, but in different countries and very different circumstances. Each one is about to be uprooted in some way; the question is, have they got what it takes to blossom?

Each book can be read as a standalone story, or as part of the series.

Wild Rose

There are three rules in the walled city of Redcross: work if you want to eat, go home as soon as you hear the warning drums and do not leave your house after curfew begins.

Milly Costello has lived in Redcross for two years and wants nothing more than to leave. But when the mysterious Wolf-Lords arrive, she finds her wish granted in a way she neither expects nor wants.

Meanwhile, her friends must deal with a secret - one that threatens disastrous consequences for Milly and themselves.

Dark Rose

Isabel Monray is a parlante - someone with the ability to mentally communicate with other parlantes that she trusts. But the trust needs to be mutual for the bond to succeed.

She has spent the past year preparing to inherit the title her brother abandoned, as well as the responsibilities that come with it. But her world changes again when newcomers arrive in her home region, sent to receive shelter after their homes are destroyed by a storm.

As the newcomers leave their mark on the region, Isabel is torn between the person she truly is and the person she thinks she needs to become.

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