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The Princess and the Handmaid

Princess and Handmaid

A retelling of "The Goose Girl".

Princess Adele is nervous about her forthcoming marriage. She doesn’t know anything about her fiancé, only that their union will ease tension between their rival kingdoms. But that is the least of her problems.

When her escort is attacked, Adele flees into the woods with her handmaid and closest friend, Olivia. In a desperate attempt to fool the assassins, Olivia switches clothes with Adele. But when the oath they swear goes terribly wrong, they find themselves trapped in their disguises and unable to tell anyone who they truly are.

While Adele tends geese in the palace fields, Olivia maintains her royal charade in the Askarr court. But one mistake could prove fatal and the real danger is closer than they think.


Lucy Winton

Adventure. Magic. Friendship. Love.

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