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Waterdrop Cover

The first part of a "Prince Lindworm" retelling.

Isla and her foster sisters have lived in Donellan Lodge for as long as she can remember. One year after the kingdom of Kedarene narrowly avoided war with the elves, they are invited to celebrate a festival at their province's capital building.

They're expecting it to be an event to remember - and it is. On the first night, Isla finds a water serpent and inadvertently bonds with her.

Except Isla is human, and only elves are supposed to be able to do that.

She knows she has to keep the serpent hidden, but it's not just the elves she needs to worry about. Her foster father has been keeping dangerous secrets, and Isla and her sisters can't avoid the storm forever.


Lucy Winton

Adventure. Magic. Friendship. Love.

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