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...I would recommend it to anyone interested in wolves, mystery and chasing freedom!

NICOLE, Amazon review of Wild Rose

The Princess and the Handmaid retells one of my favorite tales, The Goose Girl, in such a creative and fun manner I haven’t seen done before...The concept of both the princess and the handmaid making the decision to switch places due to the circumstances surrounding them was quite intriguing... The plot was engaging from the first page and I became fully invested in both heroines.

It is a story of innocence with a sense of grandeur...of forbidding forests and threatening storms; of friendships and the beginnings of romances...This is a good, well written account of a young girl reaching her majority and at the same time, growing into her title.

REBECCA, Amazon review of

Dark Rose

CAMILLE, Amazon review of

The Princess and The Handmaid


About the Author

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Lucy Winton is a YA fantasy author. She loves to write (and read) stories with adventure, mystery, friendship, discovery…and a little romance as well. She lives in a seaside town in Devon.

She first started writing when she was four; hopefully, she’s improved since then. She loves trying out new recipes, daydreaming and buying more books than her bookshelves can hold.

Blue Smoke

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One hundred years before the events of Wild Rose, a Wolf-Lord knocked on the door of the Arran household and promised they would have everything they needed to survive the coming winter.


All he asked for in exchange was the eldest daughter.


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