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Top 10 Characters from 'Dark Rose'

Isabel Monray (main character): Isabel has spent the past year preparing to inherit a role that was never meant to be hers. Now her world is about to be shaken again – and she isn’t prepared for how that will affect her and the people she cares about.

Carolyn Monray (Isabel’s aunt): Carolyn is the closest thing to a parent Isabel has and is always willing to provide her niece with the advice and guidance she needs.

Skylar Linton: Sky belongs to a lesser branch of the Linton family, but her calm demeanour hides a strong will. She wants people to see her as an individual, not just another member of her family.

Kimberly Steven: Kim is Isabel’s bodyguard. She grew up with Isabel and her brother, and she sees the Monrays as her family.

Marcela Ryder-Everley: Marcela is originally from the region of Prydon and has always felt like a bit of an outsider. She is a good friend and a devoted sister.

Luke Weston: Luke is the official representative of the Merrows who are being sheltered in Silverdon. He finds Isabel deeply intriguing and wants to know more about her – but that may be easier said than done.

Jules Hickathrift: Jules is friendly, caring and has no formality whatsoever. His loyalty to his family and friends knows no bounds – and he isn’t afraid to follow his heart, no matter where it leads.

Felix Tasseton: Felix is one of the most respected nobles in Silverdon. He becomes a mentor for Isabel while she’s waiting to come of age.

Lord Sinclair: Sinclair is formidable. He’s the patriarch of a large noble family, and he demands respect without saying a word.

Arthur Sinclair: Arthur is heir to the Sinclair family. He stands to inherit a lot of power – and he knows exactly how he will use it.

Hope you enjoyed this first look at the characters!

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