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Isabel: The Dark Rose

As with 'Wild Rose', I knew a lot about the 'Dark Rose' protagonist before I started planning the story. Isabel was actually the first of the Roses to appear in my mind. is a young heiress from the land of Anvador. She's the younger sister of Percy Monray, the former nobleman Milly encountered in Malnaig. Her journey is very different from Milly’s, but I still knew what her arc was going to be.

Isabel comes from a very old noble family, but you wouldn’t think it to look at her. She wears clothes that makes her seem aloof and unapproachable. Now that her brother is in Fearainn, she is the only one who can take up the mantle he abandoned – and the responsibilities that come with it. She only has a short amount of time to prepare for them, and her world is shaken up even further when strangers arrive in her home region of Silverdon.

If I were to place Isabel in a Hogwarts house, it would probably be Hufflepuff. She also has very strong Gryffindor qualities, but Hufflepuff would win.

She has very definite ideas of what it means to be strong – but she’s forgotten there’s more than one type of strength.

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