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Forest Princess


Princess Kerenza must keep her magic secret. If anyone were to discover it, she would become little more than a tool and a commodity, like all magic wielders in Anvrea. But things get complicated when she’s kidnapped by rebels – and it seems they already know about her powers.

Help arrives in the form of smugglers disguised as a musical troupe. When they offer to take her beyond the borders of the next country, she decides to keep her identity secret until she can get to safety. But as the group travels through Anvrea, she finds herself genuinely befriending them – and she’s drawn to one, Edmund, in particular.

But love between a princess and a smuggler cannot happen, and the longer Kerenza stays with the troupe the more she is putting them in danger. It’s only a matter of time before the threat against her strikes again – and until she has to choose between her duty and her heart.

Release date subject to change.


Lucy Winton

Adventure. Magic. Friendship. Love.

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