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Riverflow Cover

The second part of a "Prince Lindworm" retelling.

Isla arrives back at Donellan Lodge, determined to free her sister from her upcoming marriage. She’s aghast to realise that she has another problem: a priceless elven artefact has been stolen and the main suspect is Elusive, the same thief who delivered messages to a captive Maeve.

Knowing Elusive is innocent, Isla decides to help him as well, but she doesn’t count on Aife, her water serpent, becoming more aggressive as she grows larger. When her efforts to help the mysterious thief go terribly wrong, Isla and Elusive decide to work together to escape the lawmen.


They might be safe in a neighbouring province. But Elusive has a lot of enemies, and Isla’s actions at Mistrise have consequences she never anticipated.


Lucy Winton

Young Adult Fantasy Author

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