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Lady Kestrel

Lady Kestrel cover

A retelling of "King Thrushbeard".

Olivia del Sora may have protected Princess Adele from an assassin, but her position at the royal court of Askarr is still precarious. When King Tristan announces his intention to reward her with a husband, she is both grateful and alarmed. Not wishing to offend the King, she asks that she be allowed to choose her husband from the young noblemen of Askarr.

She chooses Kieron Makaros, swordbrother to Prince Stefan.

Minutes after the wedding, the married noblewomen leave court to do charity work in an unspecified part of the kingdom – a reluctant Olivia among them. But as she learns how the people of Askarr live, she realises that she genuinely wants to help them…and that she might have made a terrible mistake when it comes to her marriage.


Lucy Winton

Adventure. Magic. Friendship. Love.

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